Children's Ministry

Sunday Mornings (10:30 am)

Age Group

  • Infant - 2 year olds
  • 3 year olds - 5th Grade


  • Sunday mornings
  • Check-in opens 10:15 am
  • Check-out closes 12:00 pm


  • First time visiting - Please fill out information card in the nursery so that we can have records showing your visit.
  • Our staff will then take your child to age appropriate class.
  • We do ask that the person who dropped off the child is the family member who picks them up after the service.

Summer Themes

November has us studying Isaiah, and the prophecies of the coming Savior. We will be learning through a variety of activities, including movement, science, art, and cooking. We hope to see you Sundays at 10:30 am.



 Join us each Sunday at 10:15 am downstairs in the tree house .

Blessings, Deb Grenz, Children's Education. 



Volunteers Needed

We are always looking for volunteers to help in our Kids Ministry. If you love working with children OR you are not sure but want to help in someway, we have many ways of helping that fit your spiritual gifting. If you would like to help please follow these steps:

  1. Talk with the Interim Children's Education Director - Deb Grenz
  2. Fill out our Volunteer Form (link below)
  3. Background Check

After those steps are completed Deb will get you plugged in as soon as possible.

Special Events

Summer Try it at home ideas:

Start a Story telling tradition at home.

One of my most favorite things is bedtime with my granddaughter. We are so blessed to have a multigenerational household. It has its challenges, but one of the biggest blessings is of course spending the most amazing time with our granddaughter. Bedtime is also story time. Many nights, we read book after book. My granddaughter is a master negotiator at the age of four. We say pick three books, she says "no four books, cause I am four." When I pick the pile, she has selected on the floor, there are often five or even six books. When I look at her with the side eye, she just giggles and says I like them all gramma. So, we snuggle up in her bed and start to read. While I read, she asks a million questions about each page in the story, her curious brain working overtime. She is trying to figure out the line between what is real in real life and what is fiction, and the work of imagination. To help her grasp this process, we ended up one day telling each other stories that we made up on the spot, lying in bed, waiting for sleep to fall. She and I now have a tradition of telling stories about "Fiona and her friend Melvin the banana (she is 4, a banana is perfectly acceptable) at bedtime. One night she says to me, 'gramma, can we write a book?" “Of course!”, I said, “it would be my greatest joy to write a book with you.” So, this summer we are writing our first book together (trademark and Ip pending). Self-published of course.


This summer try taking turns telling stories to each other. At bedtime, at dinner, around the campfire, etc. If you repeat the same story, it will not be long before, they are able to tell the story themselves, or correct you if you change the story even a little. Introduce real Bible stories in the same way and they will absorb it all.

Telling stories to each other was a lively and fabulous way to help her understand the complexity of how the Bible came to be, easier for her curious mind to digest.

This summer at Calvary Baptist we have been "digging into the bible; " exploring how the bible came to be. Understanding the Oral story telling tradition, the evolution to clay tablets, to scrolls and finanlly to the Codex we have today— The Bible. We have searched "caves" to discover ancient artifacts, created Pictographs. By the end of summer, we will have made paper, and learned the books of the Bible and how it is Organized.

This Fall - We will be going back to “Creation” with a firm foundation in how the amazing bible came to be.

Join us on Sundays at 10:30 am