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Youth Ministry

Wavewalkers: Stepping Out in Faith

The student ministry of Calvary Baptist has chosen the image of the wavewalker as an overarching metaphor from Scripture to represent the task of making disciples of high school and middle school students. The story of Simon Peter miraculously walking on water is found in Matthew 14:23-33. It was Peter’s trust in Jesus allowed him to actually step out on the water. It was the power of Jesus that prevented Peter from sinking.

It is this connection of the human partnered with the divine in wavewalking that portrays the discipleship process. Attempting to become more like Jesus is full of episodes of victory and failure as the hopeful disciple attempts to navigate the constantly shifting realities of the environments he faces.

The student ministry team of leaders at Calvary Baptist seeks to create a culture that nurtures discipleship. Mature and trained leaders sensitively come alongside high school and middle school students to help them feel safe as these students attempt their own wavewalking as followers of Jesus.

Sunday Morning Learning Community

11:30 am - High School and Middle School

Every Sunday morning, students gather for an engaging time designed to help them apply the timeless truth of God’s word to their everyday lives.

Regular Events

Summer and Winter Camp at Camp Arrah Wanna: www.camparrahwanna.org

Annual Mission Trips

J-13 Youth Leadership Program